Dead Ringers (1988)


Jan 2019
The Midwife (2017)
A French movie about changing relationships, and changing times in a medical environment.
Feb 2019
Dead Ringers (1988)
A psychological thriller about twin gynecologists who descend into madness.
Mar 2019
Facing Darkness (2017)
Fighting an Ebola epidemic in Liberia, two medical team members caught the disease themselves. The movie documents an historic event — evacuate Ebola patients to the US for treatment and cure.
Apr 2019
Yellow Jack (1938)
May 2019
Eugenics Crusade: The American Experience (2013)
A documentary that chronicles the Eugenics Movement in the US, the result of concepts of human heredity that were developed in the 19th and early-20th centuries.

For people over 60, light or moderate alcohol intake is associated with better recall of past events, according to a new study.

But, why wait!

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