Compulsion (1959)

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ISSUE:  October 2011

compulsion 195920th Century Fox
Drama, Crime
USA / English / 103 min
Adapted from a book and a play, based on a criminal case

Plot summary

Based on the famous Leopold and Loeb case of the 1920s, two close college friends arrogantly kidnap and murder a young boy. When apprehended and tried in court, they show no remorse; their defense lawyer blames the establishment for their actions.


Director Richard Fleischer
Writers Richard Murphy, Meyer Levin
Producer Richard D. Zanuck
Photography William C. Mellor
Music Lionel Newman


Dean Stockwell Judd Steiner
Orson Welles Jonathan Wilk
Diane Varsi Ruth Evans
E.G. Marshall Dist. Atty. Harold Horn
Bradford Dillman Arthur Straus


2011 Fall
Adapted from a book
Visual communication
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