FrackNation (2013) Exposes Fracking Claims

MAY 2018

FrackNation poster

Journalist Phelim McAleer sets out to discover the truth behind fracking, the controversial method of natural gas extraction. McAleer talks to scientists, industry honchos, and rural Americans affected by fracking, revealing some surprising facts.—Netflix

Its strongest and most interesting case against Gasland is not so much with refute of its claims as with address of its impact and what this says about modern journalism.—Christopher Campbell,

These examples of “spin” in the documentary narratives, in Gasland, our movie last month, and this one, FrackNation, allow us to compare the differences between a fact-based documentary and actual facts.

Who is an audience to believe about hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”)? Besides false depictions of contaminating drinking water, the Gasland propaganda film ignores our requirements for energy that cannot be eliminated without propelling the US quickly back into the nineteenth century, and, according to this article, panders to Fox and other celebrities’ needs for a beautiful backyard.

In the future, as we are able to convert to more environmentally friendly sources of energy, we will take on other unintended consequences, as always occurs. One that can be foreseen is that celebrities will not wish to live near solar panels or windmills or nuclear power plants either.


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