Man on Wire (2008)

February 2020

Man on Wire poster

The effect is like history rendered as a suspense thriller, carefully establishing the philosophical and technical aspects of the stunt before watching it unfold with renewed awe. In a post-9/11 world, Petit’s walk takes on new meaning, bestowing a sense of beauty and grace to a pair of buildings that have been considered, at various times, a blight on the skyline and a symbol of tragedy.
Tobias, The New York Times

In February, we continue a series of movies under the theme of “Innovative Technology.” This month’s movie, Man on Wire (Marsh & Petit, 2008), is a documentary that demonstrates the absolutely amazing technology and personal skill of high wire walker, Phillipe Petit.

Petit and his team took 6 years to develop an intricate strategy that allowed him to walk from the north to the south World Trade Center towers — from roof to roof — in 1974.

If you are one of those people who thinks there’s a limit to what you can accomplish, be inspired by this man!

Join us in February to watch this movie with us — it will give you pause, or horror, or exhilaration, or something! It just won’t let you watch it with no emotional response at all.

Are you preparing yourself?

Now, switching scenes, are you preparing yourself . . . for thinking critically about movies and other important life issues?
We post new insight on our films each month. New insight enhances an inquiring mind.


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