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Welcome to The Movie Room

We are a movie discussion group — film scholars, critics, and fans — focused on exploring film communication while enjoying a pleasant evening. The resources on this site represent research and writing that we have accumulated from years of movie watching as a group.

Since 2010, we have watched and critiqued over 80 movies, and in 2021, we are still catching up and adding to our repository of monthly issues.

Calling All Movie Watchers

A discussion group offers movie lovers the opportunity to meet with people who share their interests, to enjoy stimulating discussion about intriguing topics, and best of all, to watch good movies together.

Whether your group is an intimate gathering organized with friends or a large event run by outside organizers, Movies on Chatham is happy to introduce you to the right movie for your audience. From newer releases to classic works, we expect that you will discover something appealing here.

We created articles and essays to enhance discussion of some of our favorite titles. Materials include pages that describe each movie, and monthly articles to focus and inspire thoughtful discussion at your movie gathering.

Our articles encompass, among other topics, storytelling, documentary, methods for careful reading of films, the history and techniques of film making, and theories and philosophy of film. Since we are posting more recent work first, and adding new titles each month, we ask that you please stay tuned.

Get started by clicking on the themes or titles featured on our front page.

And, please do follow us in our movie-watching events on the second Thursday of every month during the academic year.

Minions watching movies
Minions watching movies

Although you may not be physically present to comment, our work benefits from learning about what others observe in film communication.

Therefore, we invite you to take part in our discussions via comment. Even better, let us know that you have used our materials in a movie discussion of your own.

Whatever your interest in our topics — from those represented in People magazine to  .  .  .  the sky’s no limit in esotericism — we want to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest in Movies on Chatham.

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