Welcome to The Movie Room

We are a film study group—film scholars, critics, and fans—who focus on communication in film. By design, we come from a variety of career backgrounds—from engineering, science, management consulting, property and household management to interior design, law, and education.

The resources on this site represent writing and resources accumulated from years of film study as a group endeavor—over these years, we have watched and critiqued over 80 movies.

Our articles encompass, among other topics, elements of film communication, storytelling, documentary, the history of film making, methods for careful reading of films, and the theories and philosophy of film.

As of 2019, we are in the early stages of organizing a repository of monthly issues and are posting more recent work first. So, please stay tuned.

Calling all film fans!

Although you may not be physically present, our work always benefits from learning more about what others observe in film communication. Therefore, we hope you will take part in our discussions via comment, and even better, let us know that you have used our materials in a film group of your own. Whatever your interest level in topics of discussion—from those represented in “People magazine” to  .  .  .  the sky’s no limit in esotericism!—we want to hear from you.

Please join us in our movie-watching events on the second Thursday of every month during the academic year. To make sure that you receive new posts about upcoming films in a timely fashion, you may enter your email address in the subscription form on our front page. We will never contact you, or share or publish your personal information. In fact, we will not see your information ourselves unless you contact us!

Thank you for your interest in Movies on Chatham.

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