Mission at Movies on Chatham

Movies on Chatham creates an opportunity for group dialogue about films and film making (in writing and through in-person discussion) in an environment that encourages exploration and critical thinking.

Through our online presence, the group is accessible to public audiences that range from film scholars to amateur film critics and fans—all who simply enjoy watching and talking about movies.

Do movies influence?

Do you ever wonder

. . . if films influence viewers’ behavior in real life?

. . . what and how films communicate to particular audiences?

We wonder about these things too.

In pursuit of answers, Movies on Chatham has a three-pronged focus.

  1. It is a social gathering;
  2. it is a film study group; and,
  3. behind the scenes, it is a research and writing group.

 Watching and Discussing Movies in Groups

Founded in 2010 as an exploratory effort, Movies on Chatham’s mission is to serve as a useful resource for those who wish to enjoy, experience, think about, and discuss motion pictures in a group setting.

3 women watching a movie at home
Watching a movie with others

Movies on Chatham manifests this commitment by writing articles that offer background and commentary to enhance the movie-watching experience . Further, we offer a web-based archive for our analytical and expository work—our anthology of film criticism.

We began our project in January 2010, and since then we have watched, written about, and discussed over 80 movies. In summer 2015, we began development of an online magazine via this site.

Central to the mission at Movies on Chatham is the encouraging  the present, in-person, film study group toward dialogue that produces greater understanding and enjoyment of films—and toward the discovery of how and what films communicate.

Further, it is our vision and expectation to serve diverse audiences outside our Movie Room through the technologies of the World Wide Web.

Content Creation and Free Distribution is Essential to the Mission at Movies on Chatham

Ever since a group was established toward this purpose, short articles and essays have presented both context and theme direction to foster critical thinking and discussion.

The vitality and complexity of film as a medium of communication, as well as an artistic expression, is gradually revealed through the leadership of the editorial staff.  By offering theoretical concepts alongside practical, we are building an instructional scaffold toward greater understanding of the films we watch.

Our writers produce a steady stream of well-researched articles, often connecting to theories and other publications of popular and scholarly merit–in addition to managing the archive that forms our base collection of reference materials.

All materials are available for anyone to use freely. All we ask is that you please give proper citation. For example:

Cota, L. (2016, Jan). American Graffiti: How time flies when you’re cruisin’. Atlanta, GA: MoviesonChatham.com. Retrieved from https://moviesonchatham.com/2016/01/time-flies-when-cruising/

Toward Achieving the Mission and Goals at Movies on Chatham

Movies on Chatham recognizes:

  • That group expression and discussion is essential to exploring ideas and interests generated by cinematic traditions beginning in the late nineteenth century and continuing today.
  • That cinema transcends national boundaries and involves multi-modal expression informed by contexts, cultures, and history reflecting issues and narratives of their times.
  • That our commitment to film study enlivens and informs our evolving understanding of the traditions and communications of our world.

In summary, Movies on Chatham creates an opportunity for dialogue about films and film making (in writing and through in-person discussion) in a group setting that encourages exploration, while being accessible to public audiences ranging from film scholars to amateur film critics and fans—all who love to watch and talk about movies.


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