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Lucy Cota is senior researcher and staff writer at Movies on Chatham. A native of Atlanta, she is a graduate of The University of Georgia, an avid reader and highly-skilled researcher, attributes that strongly support her position and contributions. We all run a little faster to keep pace with Lucy!

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Mary Reed is a staff writer and director of social media at Movies on Chatham, where she contributes to the monthly magazine and book publishing projects. Along with a blog of her own, she regularly posts about our Second Thursday Films, always adding a fresh and enlightening perspective. A graduate of Emory University, she was previously a consultant at Accenture.

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Pam Hassebroek is founder and editor-in-chief at Movies on Chatham. A passionate researcher in the field of communication, her broad focus is information security, countering cybercrime and terrorism, to which she contributes by studying communication in film. She earned MS and PhD degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology. Past positions include petroleum reservoir engineering and teaching.

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Judy Gray is a guest contributor here at Movies on Chatham. Born and raised in Texas and a graduate of SMU, she brings that "Lone Star" passion and independence to her projects and writing.

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