Archive: Mr. and Mrs. Bridge (1990)

The story of changing expectations in a traditional, but privileged family in Kansas City, Missouri during the 1930s and 1940s. The Bridges (Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman) struggle with the children’s rebellion against their conservative values. Mrs. Bridge maintains what society expects of her with no sense of worth — while her emotionally-distant husband is away at his office.

Mrs. Bridge is Changing with 21st Century Values

Show me a “first world” country and I will show you a Mrs. Bridge — one of the title characters in this month’s movie, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge (1990). First world countries offer capitalism, industrialization, and technological innovation as gravy trains that carry opportunity far and wide, thus creating a robust middle class. For Mrs. Bridge and other women of her time, “paternalistic” was another societal attribute that helped to create her particular middle-class status. Continue reading Mrs. Bridge is Changing with 21st Century Values