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The Weather Underground uses actual film footage from news accounts and interviews of surviving group members to tell the story of violent activists who aimed to overthrow the US government in the 1960s and ’70s. Some of these criminals were among FBI’s ten most wanted. Today, a few remain in prison; some died at the time; and others hold prominent positions in society. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, The Weather Underground reveals our very uneven justice system.

The Weather Underground: Define Documentary Film?

BUT the human mind is not a film which registers once and for all each impression that comes through its shutters and lenses. The human mind is endlessly and persistently creative. The pictures fade or combine, are sharpened here, condensed there, as we make them more completely our own. They do not lie inert upon the surface of the mind, but are reworked by the poetic faculty into a personal expression of ourselves. We distribute the emphasis and participate in the action.
Lippman, Public Opinion

The Worst of Times and the Weather Underground

Some may remember the times and maybe even some of the events recounted in the film, The Weather Underground. It was a time of terrible unrest, yet I venture to guess that most remember the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination more strongly than other events of the era. Continue reading The Weather Underground: Define Documentary Film?