Archive: Summer and Smoke (1961)

Adapted from Tennessee Williams’ play, the movie Summer and Smoke is a character study of a woman who is psychologically repressed. This keeps her from a romantic relationship she desires. Geraldine Page won an Academy award for her performance.

Summer and Smoke: Elia Kazan’s Letter to Tennessee Williams

Opportunities are everywhere, one has to be alert to seize them. Recently, I vacationed in California with a dear friend, Jane, who lives in Texas. Our movie group came up during one conversation and I mentioned Summer and Smoke (1961) as our first movie for the fall. Jane promptly replied with information about her friend’s daughter who is married to Albert Devlin, a Tennessee Williams scholar credited with editing two books of the famous playwright’s letters

Albert Devlin, PhD
Albert Devlin, Prof Emeritus, U. of Missouri

When presented with this connection, I was intrigued to learn that Jane’s book club had traveled to New Orleans for the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival and, while there, enjoyed a dinner with Al Devlin. My curiosity was piqued to learn more. Continue reading Summer and Smoke: Elia Kazan’s Letter to Tennessee Williams