Eugenics: Are You a Follower and Just Don’t Recognize It?

But this year something was added to the Kansas Free State Fair, something Americans had never seen before: a competition judging human beings, both as individuals and as family units. The resemblance to the evaluation of cows and pigs in the livestock contests might have seemed jarring to some. But ...
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Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone dancing in La La Land

Suriya’s Street Art: Who Are Movie-Watchers in La La Land?

Two hours of one movie can sometimes have a bigger impact on us than two weeks of our day-to-day lives at our jobs and homes.   . . .  that art and life can have a tangible relationship, is a hopeful one for anyone who has felt that their life has ...
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Field hospital in Cuba, Spanish-American War

Yellow Jack Vaccine: Victory without Clinical Trial

In its reconnaissance on medical-themed films, Movies on Chatham dug deep in time to pluck a 1938 movie out of obsolescence. Uncovering this gem of a movie, Yellow Jack (Seitz, 1938) — apart from its value in portraying an event in the history of  medicine — allows us to learn ...
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UN peace-keeper in Liberia

Facing Darkness with “Bigly” Persuasion

Not having traveled to a country in the middle of a medical crisis, I can only imagine the horror and heartbreak. Yet, through our movie this month, Facing Darkness (Rasco, 2017), we can have first-hand experience with the 2014 crisis in Liberia when the Ebola virus was rampant. Members of ...
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Dead Ringers poster

Dead Ringers: Mayhem, Malpractice, and Mortality

David Cronenberg's movie, Dead Ringers (1988), tells the story of the malpractice and mayhem created by twin New York City doctors in the 1970s. It is also the story of vulnerable patients, brilliant practitioners who self-medicate, organizational collusion and cover-up, and untimely deaths. All of these elements combine to take ...
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