UN peace-keeper in Liberia

Facing Darkness with “Bigly” Persuasion

Not having traveled to a country in the middle of a medical crisis, I can only imagine the horror and heartbreak. Yet, through our movie this month, Facing Darkness (2017), we can have first-hand experience with the 2014 crisis in Liberia when the Ebola virus was rampant. Members of a ...
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dead ringers red

Dead Ringers: Mayhem, Malpractice, and Mortality

David Cronenberg's movie, Dead Ringers (1988), tells the story of the malpractice and mayhem created by twin New York City doctors in the 1970s. It is also the story of vulnerable patients, brilliant practitioners who self-medicate, organizational collusion and cover-up, and untimely deaths. All of these elements combine to take ...
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deneuve and frot in the midwife

Catherine Deneuve on ‘The Midwife’: Don’t analyze It!

Cinema is the reflection of life. That is a fact of society. It is not just cinema. It’s like that in life. —Catherine Deneuve, quoted by Aftab in The Independent How ironic it is that Movies on Chatham has chosen The Midwife (2017) as a vehicle for analysis and understanding, ...
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book club stars - keaton, bergen, fonda, steenburgen

No Feminists without a Book Club?

About the same time that Friends in Council was chartered in 1869 Sarah [Atwater Denman] also worked to get a national women's suffrage convention in Quincy. According to Paul R. Anderson in Platonism in the Midwest, the women's clubs were considered part of the early feminist movement serving to provide ...
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Joanne Woodward as Mrs. Bridge

Mrs. Bridge is Changing with 21st Century Values

Show me a "first world" country and I will show you a Mrs. Bridge — one of the title characters in this month's movie, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge (1990). First world countries offer capitalism, industrialization, and technological innovation as gravy trains that carry opportunity far and wide, thus creating a ...
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