Finding Meaning in American Graffiti: To Write or Rite of Passage?

Part of the experience of moviegoing is private dreaming in the dark; but the best movies create a fragile community of dreamers. That is why movie houses are still on occasion the true churches of the twentieth century. On the streets everyone is isolated, but sometimes when the lights go ...
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Omar Sharif as Yuri Zhivago, Julie Christie as Lara

Doctor Zhivago: Brief Notes on an Epic Drama

Pre-Movie Night Reading Director: David Lean Date of Release: 1965 Awards: Five Oscars in 1966, Five Golden Globes in 1967, and multiple others Principal roles: Omar Sharif as Doctor Zhivago Julie Christie as Lara Alec Guiness as Yevgraf Summary: This movie is an epic drama about Russian physician, Yuri Zhivago, ...
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Boris Pasternak (1890-1960)

Doctor Zhivago: Pasternak and Politics

For some apolitical men, a conscientious few, ideas need not have a practical application. They are of intrinsic worth. The advantage to be gained by exploiting an idea is of no concern. These men love ideas for the sake of wisdom, tranquility, and transcendence; Zhivago was such a man. —Ian ...
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David Lean directing the filming for Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago: Mary’s Movie Night Review

A Doctor Zhivago review must first include a comment about its extraordinary success at the box office. Upon its release, Doctor Zhivago was so popular with its audiences that it remains as MGM’s second most profitable film. Guess which film is first? Gone with the Wind! Both Gone with the ...
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a man for alll seasons

Movies on Chatham’s Introduction to A Man for All Seasons

Upon viewing the timeless classic, A Man for All Seasons, members of Movies on Chatham were mesmerized by the superior acting performances of Paul Scofield as Sir Thomas More, Orson Welles as Cardinal Wolsey, and Robert Shaw as King Henry VIII. This film does not need elaborate visual effects, for ...
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Movies on Chatham