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Dead Ringers: Mayhem, Malpractice, and Mortality

David Cronenberg's movie, Dead Ringers (1988), tells the story of the malpractice and mayhem created by twin New York City doctors in the 1970s. It is also the story of vulnerable patients, brilliant practitioners who self-medicate, organizational collusion and cover-up, and untimely deaths. All of these elements combine to take ...
Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot

Catherine Deneuve on ‘The Midwife’: Don’t analyze It!

Cinema is the reflection of life. That is a fact of society. It is not just cinema. It’s like that in life. —Catherine Deneuve, quoted by Aftab in 'The Independent' How ironic it is that Movies on Chatham has chosen The Midwife (2017) to promote analysis and understanding, while, according ...
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Celebrity Fracking Protest: Gasland or La La Land?

Though there are many concerns among groups in the US about hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), the opinions of some groups are quite polarized and more glaring than others. This article suggests consideration for perspectives not often heard in the ads and news items—those of climate scientists, local landowners, and others most ...
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Where and How Did Our Oil and Gasland Begin — Do We Really Want to End It Abruptly?

If you've ever had any doubt that movies influence, look no further than to consider the effects of this month's movie, Gasland (Fox, 2010). It is difficult to imagine how a propaganda film that presents such a complex technical topic to a public audience could garner much interest, let alone ...

Gasland: Russia and Others Promote the Runaway Bandwagon

When settling down to watch a documentary film, I remind myself of two important things:
  1. Rarely does a documentary film tell the whole story.
  2. People believe what they want to believe.1
It was with this mindset that I watched Gasland (Fox, 2010), not just with an open mind, but ...
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