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Dead Ringers: Mayhem, Malpractice, and Mortality

twins: dead ringers
The 1977 New York Times bestseller on which Dead Ringers is based

David Cronenberg’s movie, Dead Ringers (1988), tells the story of the malpractice and mayhem created by twin New York City doctors in the 1970s. It is also the story of vulnerable patients, brilliant practitioners who self-medicate, organizational collusion and cover-up, and untimely deaths.

All of these elements combine to take us on a journey of horror that was first widely publicized in the news, then fictionalized in Twins: Dead Ringers (Wood & Geasland, 1977), the book on which the movie is based. A New York Times bestseller, it is described on its back cover as “An authentic shocker .  .  . a novel of eerie power . . .”

How Could Dead Ringers Be Anything But a Horror Movie?

Cinema, in its long history, has often paired themes of medicine with the horror genre—the mad scientist, experiments gone awry, perverse caregivers, frightening instruments, Continue reading Dead Ringers: Mayhem, Malpractice, and Mortality

Catherine Deneuve on ‘The Midwife’: Don’t analyze It!

Cinema is the reflection of life. That is a fact of society. It is not just cinema. It’s like that in life.
—Catherine Deneuve, quoted by Aftab in The Independent

How ironic it is that Movies on Chatham has chosen The Midwife (2017) as a vehicle for analysis and understanding, while, according to Kaleem Aftab (2017), its French star, Catherine Deneuve, suggests it’s “just a story.” Continue reading Catherine Deneuve on ‘The Midwife’: Don’t analyze It!