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April 2019

Yellow Jack movie poster

In the late nineteenth century, the understanding of disease and disease transmission made huge strides, with a number of critical pathogens identified. However, certain diseases remained a complete mystery to medical science.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the understanding of yellow fever, known colloquially as “yellow jack,” became a priority for the US military when, during the Cuban leg of the Spanish-American war, more than five times as many soldiers died of disease than were killed in action . . .
—Lyzmadness, and you call yourself a scientist!?

For a decade after the release of The Story of Louis Pasteur in 1935, “medical discovery” pictures were a popular genre.
—Metzinger & Metzinger, Silver Scenes

By watching Yellow Jack (1938) this month, we learn more about the medical crises and vaccines that have advanced our current states of health in the US.

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